Eliza Piro was born in Adelaide and spent her younger years growing up in Clare in the mid-north of South Australia. Eliza studied art at Pembroke School, where her love and passion for the subject evolved. Further study at Melbourne School of Photography gave her a greater understanding of colour, texture and form which led into experimenting with different mediums. Eliza is now a full-time artist living in Adelaide with her husband and three children.


Bold, spirited and beautiful, Eliza Piro’s paintings are a celebration of colour and of life itself. Comprising an array of vibrant colours and patterns, Eliza’s paintings evoke feelings of optimism and joy.

Working in acrylic paint and watercolour, Eliza adorns her canvases with intricate patterns and motifs, as an embroiderer would a tapestry. Her process combines dot and linework along with layering and masking techniques, resulting in artworks that are rich in colour and detail.

Drawing inspiration from Suzani textiles, Indian mandalas and eastern folk art, Eliza’s paintings acknowledge elements of spirituality and tradition, while maintaining a distinctly contemporary edge.

Recently, Eliza has developed her practice further, exploring the domestic and figurative themes of still life while maintaining elements of her signature style and patterning. Her recent paintings depict elaborate table settings and richly decorated interiors, evoking a sense of festivity and enjoyment in everyday life. In her words, these works attempt to “take ordinary snapshots of life and make them fun”.

This celebration of beauty and optimism is reflected in Eliza’s own passion for creating “art that lifts people’s spirit and makes them feel inspired”.

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